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Harmonics Twins II


TWS BT Earbuds by Portronics with a 350mAh in-built battery. Enjoy up to 4 hours of nonstop audio and calling without having to stop to charge. Enabled with noise-canceling, crystal clear sound, and acoustic echo reduction technology. Summon your virtual assistants, like Google- Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, just by double-tapping on one earbud. The touch-enabled earbuds give you full control of your device and earbuds, be it making/answering calls, navigating through music, or using virtual assistance.

Iris Reed Diffuser Fragrance Gift Set INFG0314


The Iris fragrance gift set is a great option to gift your loved ones on any occasion to make it special. It helps in relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul and gives the home an aromatic tranquil feel. The gift pack contains one decorative pot, 8 reed sticks, 60ml reed diffuser oil, 50g of potpourri in an acetate box, and a 5ml bottle of potpourri refresher oil.

Iris Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot INRD0101


This compact reed diffuser set is an excellent gift for those who want to share a message of positivity. Iris Lemongrass, home-fragrance is especially interesting because it brings home the soft natural aroma of the grass fields and the mystic mood of the countryside. The box contains one ceramic pot, 6 reeds of 7.5 inches, and a 60ml diffuser oil bottle.