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Bamboo USB Flash Drive

 385.00 620.00

The Bamboo USB Flash Drive is a simple USB covered completely in eco-friendly safe bamboo material. Unique and attractive, the flash drive has ample of branding space which can be either printed or engraved on the surface.

Big Ring Metal Pen Drive

 395.00 600.00

Metal pen drive with a sturdy casing and ring that makes it convenient to carry wherever you go. With ample of branding space, this pen drive is the most preferred giveaway for any event.

Bookmark USB 2.0 Pen Drive

 400.00 600.00

The bookmark flash drive is a unique giveaway for educational and training institutions with ample space for branding. With it's sturdy metal casing, the flash drive comes with multiple storage capacity options and a 5 year chip replacement warranty.

Car Shaped Metal Pen Drive

 455.00 610.00

This Car shaped metal USB is a unique and stylish pen drive that comes with multiple storage options. With ample of branding space towards the hood, the product is sturdy and comes with a 5 year chip replacement warranty.

Colour Bomb Mini Swivel Metal 2.0 USB


Unique colorful mini swivel flash drives are a total must have. With a sturdy metal body, the product is available in multiple color options. With ample of branding space, the product is best suited for promotional giveaways. Available with multiple storage options, it’s chip also comes with a 5 year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.

Gold Bar Metal Pen Drive

 425.00 625.00

Gold bar flash drive is exclusive and exceptionally stylish. With its flashing gold metal casing and a 5 year chip warranty, this product makes for the finest giveaway for promotions and events.

Heavy Metal Keychain Pen Drive

 410.00 625.00

This key chain with a flash drive is one of the best giveaways for promotions and events. Laser engraving or epoxy labels are the most effective ways to display your branding on the product. Available with 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64GB storage options with a 5 year chip warranty.