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Harmonics 200


Wireless stereo headset and neckband with retractable earbuds. Ergonomically designed ear hooks, with snug-fit earbuds make wireless stereo headsets super comfortable to wear all day long. A powerful rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous talking/music time and 300 hours of standby with a single charge.

Harmonics 222


Wireless sports headset by Portronics. Best quality, immersive & clear music with up to 7-hours of non-stop talk/playtime with 25 hours of standby time. Magnetic latch behind earbuds keeps it from falling off your neck when not in use. Ideal for running and similar sports activities.

Harmonics 300


Wireless sports headset by Portronics. Enabled with magnetic earbuds and power-efficient 5.0 BlueTooth technology. Keep your music on deck, and carry your groove wherever you go. Summon your virtual assistant with a voice command and easily navigate music, take/receive calls, or just go for a run without the hassle of having to use your smartphone.

Harmonics Twins 33


Smart TWS Earpods by Portronics. Sleek, beautiful design combined with excellent bass and powerful balanced sound. Smart noise-reduction tech allows the wireless earbuds to cut ambient noise over 50dB and retains 98% of your voice with frequencies from 200Hz to 3000Hz. From Siri to Google- your virtual assistant is just a touch away. Softly tap on the earbud to skip songs, answer/reject calls- all without picking up your phone.

Harmonics Twins II


TWS BT Earbuds by Portronics with a 350mAh in-built battery. Enjoy up to 4 hours of nonstop audio and calling without having to stop to charge. Enabled with noise-canceling, crystal clear sound, and acoustic echo reduction technology. Summon your virtual assistants, like Google- Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, just by double-tapping on one earbud. The touch-enabled earbuds give you full control of your device and earbuds, be it making/answering calls, navigating through music, or using virtual assistance.